Friday, September 14, 2007

I am having a very difficult time stomaching people like Oyster and Ashley Morris who sit on their behinds and shoot off their criticism of others. When was it that they had the guts or stamina, resources or backing to consider putting it all on the line and running for political office. Never, never, never.... and yet they feel that they have the right to judge and attack the character of Virginia Boulet, who for no other reason than caring about New Orleans, jumped into a campaign for mayor, so that she might apply her obvious skills and connections in a more useful way, to help turn New Orleans around.

These ignorant souls would have you believe that Miss Boulet should be given single-handed credit the election of Ray Nagin because, although the woman could not get herself elected, it would be her endorsement that would be uniquely responsible for the election of Ray Nagin in the runoff of 2006. Hogwash!

This notion is not only preposterous (that is silly, ridiculous, outrages, laughable), it is equally ignorant of any facts. To suggest that someone who could not get elected themselves has the power to sway the public to another direction when they had no luck in convincing the public that they themselves were “electable,” shows how very little these “criticism mongers” know about anything, let alone running for political office.

If Virginia Boulet thought for one moment that Ray Nagin was the best person for the job, she would not have run for office in the first place. Virginia Boulet thought that she could serve New Orleans’ needs better than could Ray Nagin. She obviously thought this before she decided to run, while she ran, and probably still does. If not, why subject herself to more ridicule from pseudonyms like Oyster and Ashley Morris? Only one possible answer. Attempting again to put herself in the best position that she can in order to help re-direct the city she loves.

When Virginia Boulet launches her website for City Council At-Large, just read about who the woman is and what she has done. Then compare her accomplishments to the profiles of Oyster and Morris. Shame on them!